A Secret Weapon for Winning at Life & Business

The art and science of manifesting hard to fathom possibilities is one of my favorite things to teach clients.
I recently had a client who didn’t think he could land any type of job during this pandemic let alone his dream job.
But that’s exactly what happened.
After he got clear on what his dream job consisted of I shared with him the process for getting there.
With each step along the way his confidence grew.
The networking calls were turning into referrals.
The interviews were advancing.
Best of all.
He had just manifested the perfect opportunity.
At that point it was game over.
In his mind he was already working at this company and the job was as good as his.
No matter what your goals are in life it is vital that you learn to ‘keep your eyes on the prize.’
Something happens when you maintain a vision for what you want in your mind’s eye that has the effect of calling it to you.
Think of this this phenomenon your secret weapon if you’re considering starting a coaching business.