Change Your Career

Determine your ideal career path and gain the necessary skills to land your dream job.

Who Is This Program For?

This three month program has been designed for those who are feeling stuck in a dead end career but don’t know how to find their way out.

  • You’ve been working in a job/career that has left you feeling unfulfilled and unmotivated
  • You know there’s something out there for you that would be a better fit if only you knew what it was
  • You’ve been reviewing several different job descriptions and you feel overwhelmed at all the possibilities 
  • You’d like to enjoy a career that gives you a sense of meaning and purpose

How It Works

Through private 1:1 coaching and online coursework, you’ll be guided through a proven system that give you the skills and confidence necessary to land your dream job.

Adam’s signature Career Change Transformation, a coaching system developed and honed over the course of hundreds of client engagements, will guide you every step of the way by incorporating the following:

  • Career assessment
  • Branding (resume, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Strategic networking
  • Interview Preparation
  • Mindset & confidence building practices

Program Objectives

To guide you every step of the way to landing your dream job including:

  • Identifying your ideal career path or dream job
  • Generating referrals with top companies
  • Positioning yourself as a top candidate
  • Preparing for any question you may be asked 
  • Building your confidence and trust in yourself

What Others Say

"Adam fosters a level of trust that’s so critical as you begin to dig in and do the work that he is asking you to do. He is at once calming and motivating, forward-thinking yet alert to the myriad unforeseen pitfalls that can crop up in any journey into the unknown. Adam is extremely gifted at what he does!"
- Linda Stevenson

"At one time, I was extremely frustrated, confused and needed professional guidance on clarifying my next career move. Little did I know, Adam provided a blueprint of what I envisioned and he helped me accomplish my goal and it eventually came true! Adam was extremely comfortable to be around making every conversation honest, realistic, and personable."
- Bryan Chaffee

"Adam has been invaluable for career guidance and job searching. He helped me navigate the hardest parts of the interview process from generating referrals, articulating my value, winning over interviewers, and doing due diligence on prospective employers."
- Michael Brunger

“I’m so much more confident in the fact that I will find success no matter what I put my skill set towards.” 

– Sean Bennett

“Adam helped me to believe in myself and find my true confidence. ” 

– Ben Korrison

 “Everything I did in this program helped me to get my confidence back.”

– Amy Luxner

“Adam proved that the skills he teaches were not just for my current job, but skills that will last a lifetime for any careers I may pursue.”

– Alex Silberman

Investment for 3 Month Coaching Program

$4,500 to work with Adam Hardt

$2,500 to work with Chris Cenizal

Free eBook & Guided Meditation

Receive guidance how to discover your purpose and create a life of wellbeing and prosperity.​