Conditioning Your Mind for Successful Outcomes

Finding fulfillment has a lot to do with achieving your desired outcomes.

And one of the most powerful ways of manifesting a desired outcome is by writing out a statement of your intentions in a very specific way.

Whether you’re wanting to land your dream job or have a successful business you must condition your mind to believe that it is already yours by using the appropriate language.

It’s as simple as rephrasing your intention from ‘I would like to have a successful business’ to ‘I am going to have a successful business.’

In the first phrase what you are communicating to both your subconscious mind and to the universe is the idea that you don’t have a successful business.

And since what you believe will always be made manifest that is exactly what you are going to experience.

In the second phrase you are communicating that it is already happening and it’s only a matter of time.

This has the effect of aligning all of your thoughts, words and actions with this more positive belief.

The result is greater confidence, more effective follow through and a peaceful disposition that will lead to your desired outcome.