Why We All Yearn for a Sense of Purpose

I’d just registered the domain name purposeistheway.com but I didn’t know why.

I’d just started getting to work on my new career coaching business and I thought it sounded cool.

But what does ‘purpose’ even mean? I thought.

The truth was that I had no clue.

I just knew that for some reason everyone wanted to have more of it.

A couple years had passed until it finally hit me.

Oh my god…

I get it!!

Purpose IS the way!!!

I was up in Lake Tahoe visiting a friend of mine last February and I couldn’t stop talking about all of the exciting things that were going on in my business.

Clients were having personal breakthroughs that would lead to them landing their dream job.

Sharing their triumphs was enticing more people to want to achieve the same.

So there I was on a Saturday skiing down Heavenly Mountain recording video content to talk about the importance of finding fulfillment.

I was the happiest I’d been in a while and I knew why.

I had found my purpose and I was motivated to pursue my purpose with zeal.

This is the experience that I am so passionate about making available to anyone who has been getting the call to serve.

That is why my new website is called purposeistheway.com.

I invite you to schedule a consultation if you’re ready to find your purpose in helping others.