What’s the Connection Between Fun and Success?

What is having fun all about?

I went to a music festival last weekend and, like so many festivals I’ve been to, it was so much fun. I can’t help but think about how much good music we got to see and hear. At the same time it’s got me asking myself some deeper questions about the nature of the human experience. It’s got me wondering, is fun the purpose of life? Is fun the key ingredient that will solve all of life’s problems? What happens when we stop having fun? In what ways have we been overly stifled in our attempts to have fun? What does it even mean to have fun?

When I think of fun I think of play. I think of the ability to completely be oneself. This often involves a certain amount of silliness and revelry. It’s impulsive and maybe even a little bit childish. It’s definitely exciting. How could that be important?

Why does it matter if you’re enjoying what you’re doing?

The answer is mojo. If you’ve ever seen the movie Austin Powers then you’ll understand that mojo is a kind of superpower that can be wielded when one is ‘feelin’ it.’ Mojo is like being in an active flow state where there isn’t a whole lot of thinking, filtering or second-guessing going on. When you’ve got your mojo going you become connected to that deeper part of yourself known as your essence. You know it when you’ve got it.

Now let’s take this idea and connect it to work. How much more effective do you think you could be if you’re operating from an active flow state where your work becomes a natural expression of your essence? Do you think the end result would be pretty good or just ok? Can you think of any examples of successful people who had mojo?

How come some people seem to enjoy their work more than others?

If you’ve ever seen Steve Jobs on stage at a marketing event then you’ve seen mojo in action. It’s a powerful thing to behold. It’s almost godly the way that some men and women can wield this power towards the achievement of a particular goal.

This is what my coaching programs are all about. In essence it’s mojo recovery. We all have it and yet sadly most of us at some point along our journey have lost it. It’s like a bright light that’s been covered up with layers and layers of dirt.

What if you could remove that dirt and shine brightly once again? Would that be worth exploring? There are tried and true methods that I employ with my clients that can do just that – remove the dirt covering our light. It has everything to do with remembering your essence. Through an in-depth process of self-discovery we get a chance to re-assemble a life lived in alignment with the things that we love to do.

How can I put myself in a position to enjoy my work more?

It’s like coming up with a blue print for how to live a life with your mojo on at all times. That’s stage one. Stage two is the process of creating a life that matches your new blue print. This is the part where we identify the most suitable line of work for you to pursue. Resumes are crafted, networking strategies are employed and interviews are crushed.

Then one day you get the offer you were most excited about and you get your new start date. Then the real work of living gets to begin. A life lived that is in alignment with who you are at your core. The end result? You guessed it. Fun.