Have You Always Wanted to Start a Business?

Consider what it might mean to start your own coaching business.

If you’re anything like I was then you’ve reached a point in your life where the status quo isn’t cutting it any more. You’ve had enough jobs to know that the corporate world just isn’t for you. You’ve always had grander ambitions for yourself. Ambitions of being your own boss and making a real difference in the world some day.

Now here’s the exciting part. What if that some day was today? If you’ve ever had ambitions of starting your own coaching business or you just like the idea of helping people then look no further. By sharing my story I’d like to show you what is possible for yourself. 

In short, I was miserable for years and years being micromanaged doing the corporate grind. I knew it wasn’t for me. I also knew that I was passionate about personal development, coaching and entrepreneurship. The only problem was that I was too scared to take action. I remained this way for 13 years until my frustration boiled over and I got sick. Over the course of a month long medical leave of absence I hatched a plan to leave the corporate world behind and take my leap of faith into the world of self-employment.

It took me over a year of intense struggle and sacrifice to get myself to a point where my business was operational. It also cost me a fortune ($80,000 to be exact) between the coaching fees, training fees and monthly expenses to get to that point. This is the sad reality that many aspiring coaches face when they decide to strike out on their own. As a result many don’t survive. They either run out of money, time or both. I nearly did.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way. In the second year of my business things took off as I created systems, processes and tools to help me both market my services and provide life-changing coaching experiences. It even got to the point where running my business became not only easy but fun. Fast forward to today and not only am I making more money than I ever did in the corporate world but I’m also living the life of my dreams. I live in a beautiful home by the beach, I have complete freedom and flexibility in my schedule and best of all my life has a purpose now. To help people like you to escape the grind.

I’d like to offer you this same experience. I’ve created a business model that is both efficient and effective. The net result is that you can be up and running in less than four months. By the end of the program you’ll be in a position to enroll your first set of clients and within 12 months you’ll be on track to making a 6 figure income. Not only will this save you months of struggle and sacrifice but it’s only going to cost you a fraction of what it costs most new coaches and entrepreneurs. 

If you’re at all curious to learn more about what it means to start a coaching business then send me a message to schedule a free consultation.