The Secret to Overcoming the Fear of Failure

Changing careers to tech sales was the best move I could have made at the time.

I was floundering in my career before transitioning into tech sales.

I wasn’t being challenged and I just felt bored.

Then I joined a startup.

At 31 I was hammering out cold calls with the best of them.

Determined to rise through the ranks I did whatever it took to be the top SDR.

Within 6 months I’d hustled my way into my first AE position.

A year and a half later I moved up to the enterprise team.

I’d had enough with mediocrity and made the decision to create my own success through sheer determination.

After starting my business as a career coach I soon discovered that this happens to be the most important quality of successful entrepreneurs.

If you’re the type of person who lives by the motto ‘where there’s a will there’s a way’ then you’ve got a bright future if you ever decide to start a business.

It’s what allows you to finally overcome that troublesome fear of failure.

When you’re that determined, not only is failure not an option but it’s not even a possibility.