My Approach

My approach is to build trust by allowing myself to be vulnerable while relating my own struggles with my clients.

Why I do What I do

Having been a corporate professional myself I know all too well the challenges and pitfalls of always having to perform at a high level in stressful environments. My coaching style is specifically tailored to get people back on their feet after they’ve been through the wringer. As a result my approach involves as much personal development as it is job search tactics. I feel greatly rewarded to see clients transform and transition into what they knew they could become.


How I Can Help

I am here to teach unfulfilled corporate professionals who might be early in their career how to land rewarding and satisfying careers by assisting them through realizing their true potential and passions in every phase of the job.

Not only will you learn industry best practices for a job search but you will also learn the keys to manifesting your dream job – building confidence and creating an inspiring vision for your life.

I Practice What I Preach

Through the ups and downs of my career, I faced challenges that impacted my well-being. However, by prioritizing resilience and self-discovery, I was able to navigate these difficulties and cultivate a life marked by fulfillment, health, and overall well-being. The commitment to practicing what I preach has allowed me to not only overcome past obstacles but also create a life that aligns with the values I promote.

What Others Say

"Chris is so easy and fun to work with. He understands the corporate world and what it is like. I was struggling and he was able to breakdown the process easily for me and ensure that I had everything needed in order to succeed."
- Laura Swanson

"Chris helped me land a dream job in a new role and I could not be more pleased with his assistance and results. I wanted someone who understood the transition I was making, had experience in the SaaS industry, and who would deliver outstanding results. Chris was the right choice and I am glad I was able to work with him. You will be too."
- Peter Stassen

"I enjoyed working with Chris - he was very knowledgable and helpful as a career coach. I would recommend working with Chris if you're looking to further your career and move up the ladder."
- Eric Mills

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