The Importance of Lead Generation to Starting a Business

I wasn’t ever supposed to make it as a career coach.

The odds were so stacked against me it wasn’t even funny.

– Limited savings
– Unable to work a full day due to health issues
– No prior training on coaching or starting a business
– Starting over in a new city
– No certification program for the business I was attempting to create

For an entire year I hardly made any progress.

And then it finally happened.

A year into my leap of faith I’d cracked the code on marketing and lead generation.

After completing a marketing program for coaches I discovered a system that solved the problem that’d been dogging me all year.

Once I had adapted this system for my business I suddenly had more than enough people to talk to each week.

That was all that I needed.

I was in business.

If you’re considering starting a business make sure you think through how you’re going to generate leads before you do anything else.

Consistent leads are the lifeblood of any viable business.

Without them all you have is a nice idea.